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Learn about CompITAV

Started in 2011 we started as a white-label service provider, performing break fix solutions for companies like NCR, Dell, Xerox, Black Box, HP, Lexmark, Samsung and more.  Later we realized the importance of building a brand of our own and rebranded from 'The Bodily Works', our parent company, into CompITAV (Computers, IT, Audio/Video systems) also known as CIA tech.  Based in Utah we have completed jobs across the US and world and have had a proven track record for providing tech with high ROI solutions that help you work more effectively, reduce downtime, increase sales, establish better branding and establishing stability.

Special OFFEr: Get FREE phone service with every computer on maintenance agreement!

Some Statistics of Our Service


Clients Reported Immediate ROI within first 3 months over having an internal IT department, 99% Reported Immediate ROI on Phone and Internet Service alone.


Clients Reported Increased Productivity and Stability of their Technology after moving services to us.


Clients Reported Decreased Stress in the Workplace

Addressing The Pillars of Managed IT Services

These are critical for the success of your business to ensure minimizing acceptable risk to your company


Communication: Primary Infastructure such as Cabling, Switches, Internet Circuit, Servers/Cloud Solutions.  Important for ensuring 


Scalability: Automation, Prioritization, QoS (Quality of Service, ex. phone calls get priority over someone watching a video) policy, ensuring growth of your company and preventing costly bottlenecks.


Security: Separation of devices (phones, pc's, IoT devices), compliance, vulnerability assessments.  Prevent costly fines or failed audits without inhibiting your business. 

Are You a Great Fit??

See where you and your company fit in

Great Fit

  • Strategically Minded
    You understand that ROI is everything and cost is not.  If something costs $10 with zero return and another solution costs $500 but provides $1500 return you'll take the $500 all day.
  • Technology is a Vital Foundation
    You understand that having employees troubleshoot IT issues and having downtime costs you a lot just in labor and inefficiencies and want to make sure it isn't an issue any longer.
  • Things Need to Work Smoothly
    You understand importance of things working and loading correctly.  You understand that all those loading issues are costing you labor and clients with frustration and time
  • You're an IT Company
    We are an extension of your department, maybe you just want to manage servers and pc's but would like us to handle all the phones or cabling, works great for us on project work
  • You need an IT Department
    You understand that hiring and maintaining numerous experts and ensuring things happen if someone gets sick is not fun or cost effective to manage. We can handle everything even your internet and phones.
  • Communication is Key
    Communication between both your team and vendors to ensure things get addressed prior to becoming an issue is vital for setting everyone up for success.

Not Good Fits

  • Only Look at Price Tag
    If you're someone who just looks at price tag instead of the ROI of the service itself, or what we can save you, then it's not gonna work. It has to logically make sense.
  • No Employees
    If you don't have any employees then we can help you out with phone service and free resources we offer but you're not a good fit for our managed care plans
  • Technology Isn't Vital
    If your internet failed or you lost all your data you wouldn't care. Our service is designed around people that can't afford to have downtime.
  • Unrealistic Expectations
    Before you ask, yes, we've had clients that will call at 2am on a Sunday and expect 5min response time for a password reset and expect it to be covered under their plan for 9-5 support... telling you now we charge time and half for crazy hour calls.

Here’s What to Expect With Us

From Initial Contact to Delivery of Service


Consultation:Initial Overview

We will get on the phone with you and simply talk about your business, your goals, your objectives and what systems you have in place so we can get a good grasp of where your business is and where it needs to go.


Presentation:Review of Options

We will sit down with you via webconference, or in person, and review options that we've come up with during initial consultation.  At this point you'll have a good idea which option best fits your company and budgeting as well as timeline.


Implimentation: Service Start

Upon execution of contract we will start acquiring all necessary credentials, documentation, order equipment, proceed with configurations and proceed with plan of action


Maintain: Test and Proactive Management

Once solution has been implimented we will test and intentially try to break it to ensure stability and reliability.  Throughout next few weeks we will analyze network traffic, behaviors, devices and be able to proactively manage and maintain network as well as advise your business with best practice standards and inform you of any red flags if and should they ever arise.

Pricing Estimation


Maintenance, Break Fix Repairs




  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • 2x rate after hours and holidays
  • Lifetime Warranty on all cabling and performed labor
  • 3 year standard warranty on all commercial equipment we provide

Maintenance and Preventative Care 

Starting at:




  • Support Available 24/7 
  • SLA 24hrs
  • Prevenative Cleanups and Maintenance
  • Security/ AV
  • 1 Free Meeting Room
  • Network Management
  • Any repairs, setup billed at normal rates


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60 Days!

If for any reason you're not happy with our services, cancel with no obligation or commitment***

Our goal is to build a relationship focused service that is oriented around trust and communication, thus if we can't establish that then it is not in either of our best interests to persue business relations.  We take our clients businesses seriously as if they were our own.  We want to see you succeed.  This is also why all of our clients are like family. 

***Balance for equipment/service provided would be due at time of cancelation with no further obligation

Not Convinced? 

Look at what our clients have said

Leslie Russel

Manager of Coming Home Stores

Very Experienced

"Very experienced and did a wonderful job at helping us out with our needs."

Greg Andersen

Owner of Great Room Escape

Saved me after hiring multiple companies

"Possibly the best company I’ve ever worked with! Extremely professional and thorough!

After having my computer issues misdiagnosed over and over COMPITAV came in and had it fix and up and running in no time at all! People, this is your all in one solution for all of your computer needs!"

Jodie Turner

Owner of Eagle Electric

Tells you what is best for you and your Company

[CompITAV] is very good to work with. He doesn't just tell you what you should do or need but he listens and helps you do what is best for you and your company. I highly recommend him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me prepare for a ISO 127001  audit/certification?

We had someone else start doing part of cabling, are you guys able to takeover?

We have multiple locations across several states we would need handled, are you able to do that?

Can we purchase laptops, printers and equipment from you guys?

What certifications do you guys carry?

Do you have dedicated support staff we can speak to?

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