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“I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.”

- Marie Curie

At CompITAV, our employees are everything, they are literally what make or break our company. We are looking for people who not only work hard but know how to play video games, people that can find solutions to problems and be critical thinkers that thrive when given a puzzle to solve.  People who are passionate about helping others, taking care of family, technology and helping other businesses grow. 

You don't need schooling with us, only the ability to solve problems and learn quickly and work ethic and motivation to get things done on your own.  We have TONS of room for growth, excellent retirement contribution plans and lots of company events throughout the year.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

Current Openings

Regional Account Manager

Responsible for bringing in new accounts, coaching and advising the client based on their needs.  Remote Position. Must be comfortable on cellphone to make calls and close deals over the phone. Required to attend various conferences and groups such as BNI, Chamber of Commerce, Connect Utah, 1Million Cups, DotPitch as well as industry specific conferences to establish rapport with clients in those industries.  Would prefer someone who has already connected with networks of specific industries to help transition and ensure success of employee.

Field Tech Engineer - Part Time

Responsible for Maintenance and installation of clients systems as well as new installs and project work.  Familiarity with IT basics such as ping tests, data cabling, and vlan's is required.  Familiarity with security cameras, access control, Ubiquiti, PFsense, Server 2018 or newer, Linux and pc/printer repair is preferred but not required.

Vehicle and laptop provided after probationary period upon moving to full time position.

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