Home Theaters

Designing Your Home Theater

Designing your dream cinema room and theatre room can be daunting.  Clearly you want something that looks and sounds good but where do you start???


Determine Your Budget-

Rules of Thumb-

-Don't go cheap on anything that will go behind drywall-this will help avoid uneeded costs later on

-Foundation pieces are Screen, AV cabinet, Cabling/Wiring- you'll probably never replace these ever if you chose the right ones for you.  Everything else can be upgraded fairly easily for very little labor.

-Legacy pieces are speakers, subwoofer, lighting, accessories, remotes-you will replace these maybe once every 15+ years

-Phase pieces are things you'll upgrade every 5-8 years probably.  TV, Projector, Receiver, Bluray Player, Roku, Kindle Fire, Apple TV and similar devices are all examples of these.

For example, 1080 projectors became 4k, 8k will soon replace 4k, dvd's are now like a-track tapes or vinyl in todays world.  These are all things you're going to upgrade fairly often as they fail the most and are most crucial to upgrade if you want better picture and so forth.


Priorities within budget-

It's easy to want all the bells and whistles but it's quite another to afford it.. so what can you do to help ensure you get a quality system while maintaining a budget?  Simply put, determine what's most important to you, is it the video? Is it custom seating? Is it that snack bar for the kids.  It's often a good idea to google search a few products and ideas you like and check out what they cost new to get a ballpark pricing on what those items will cost, always estimate higher to account for labor and other parts needed.


System Examples;


If you really just need pure basics and cost is the main concern this would be your best option.




Compromise between price and quality. Theater-like quality.




Emersive, hear the planes fly overhead, feel the explosion. You'll never go to another theater again.




Fully  emersive, very high end custom ornate details, this is for those who really want that WOW factor.



Get All Your Technology Updated and Working Right