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"I hired CompITAV because they were the only ones that could make my technology an investable asset, instead of just a bill... they've saved me ridiculous amounts of time and money"

Ask us how we can cut your phone and internet bill by 20% or more!

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Strategy & Research

We always are keeping on top of trends in technology and what it means for not only our industry but for our clients, thus increasing our ability to help our clients gain an edge over their competition on how they engage with their customers through technology

Unified Communications

Internet, phones and VOIP / Phones are quite literally the backbone of your business.  This is why we gaurantee 100% uptime and all of our solutions are HiPAA / PCI compliant as a standard.

Project Management

We have a proven track record in large and small scale deployments in everything from full scale networks, digital signage, virtual security, video surveillance, multi-site consolidation for clients such as Petco, Mcdonald's, Burger King, L-Brands and many more! 

Managed Wifi and Guest Network

Have you been suffering from slow internet speeds? Do you have employees watching netflix on break causing the rest of your staff not to be able to function?  Let us show you how we can eliminate these challenges and stabilize your network

Business Computers

Cheap computers probably helped you minimize capital costs when you first got started but now you're needing robust computers and hardware that you don't have to worry about failing.  Let us show you how to minimize downtime and inefficiencies while also minimizing upfront costs.

Conference and Collaboration

It's been proven time and time again that traveling is not effective use of time and that communication is key to successful business and relationships.  We can setup your dream conference room and tools to allow seamless communication with your team and clients.

about us

We use our experience to ensure your success

Each of us come from a very diverse background which gives us the ability to be familiar with a variety of different standards, workflow processes and industries.

Why is this important?  Can you honestly expect someone not familiar with your company to support it and help you succeed?

We have some of the top industry leaders in countless fields, all behind us to ensure your success.

We are always staying on top of industry trainings and opportunities to provide this valuable knowledge to you and advise accordingly.


Discover how we can make a difference in your company

We take a strategic approach to maximize every dollar and not only help you and your staff work more efficiently, but to help generate additional revenue.

We do this by taking a consultative approach to your company and IT needs from wifi, computers, internet, phones, cabling, security and more!

We’d love to talk about what matters to you.